Food delivery system, comes with 3 apps - User app, Store app and Delivery app.

Mr.Aziz from Saudi Arabia, came with an idea to white label the apps with some new features and UI reskinning.
It was quite a task since the code was written almost 5 years before and My role is to make the code up-to-date and make it work in latest android devices with newer OS update like asking for required permissions on time, pops up push notifications and alerts to engage users with new offers, Payment integration, Google real time navigation etc.
So challenge was to understand the existing working system, make the code working across many devices along with making new UI changes on time.
So I started to make a plan agile way, execute it, deliver it and launch on Play Store.
I also manage to make it work on iOS Apps under my supervision.

App screens:

Here's what my customer says about me

”Every day, Sagar strive to improve his service by developing the right blend of technology and creativity to make sure every job done is done as efficiently as possible. Always a pleasure working with him.
- Mr. Aziz

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